10 Tips for Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing, in easy sense, is a combination of both adventure and perseverance. Row the kayak in the vast of blue or in the wild torrent and expect a fish gets hooked – what else could go more daring? To curve energy out of outing in nature, kayak fishing is barely rivaled by other tasks. Originated from the Northern Polar regions, the major cause of kayak fishing being popularized is the thrill it can offer. Following 10 tips shared by this fishing blog, you should check before you go fishin’-n-kayakin’.

Get the Right Kayaks
Fishing kayaks are no look-alike with common kayaks. These kayaks come with varying molds and cut outs to fit in your tackle, equipment and snacks. Outriggers or projections are common to come along, if you wish for shark fishing or to take your kayak to more rapid waters. For purpose of fishing, hard-shelled kayaks are almost always preferred over inflatable kayaks. Hook puncture is common scenario and might lead you to drastic position if you use a rubberized blow-up kayak. Customization of your existing kayak will save you money.

Customize your Fishing Kayak | Top 5 Tips for Kayak Anglers

Study the Area
As kayaking is flexible, so does the kayak fishing. This fishing technique will lead you to an array of habitat and gives the chances to meet the specialized fish species of the area concerned. Have an outlook at the area where you are going to paddle your kayak will assist you to fish better, enjoy better.

Study the Weather
Kayaking is almost always concerned with open water. Thus, success of angling while on kayak depends largely on weather, lunar cycle, tidal hours, storm forecast etc.

Choose Your Technique
Combo of fishing and kayaking means always on the move and looking for a catch. To succeed the apparently hard act, you need to be careful about a couple of things. Know to how tread your boat, keep your paddle always ready on the lap. Tie the paddle to string with one end fastened to the kayak. Depending on the study area, pick your method for angling. Fishing based on sighting is particularly for clearer habitats and associated with an elevated seat (for better view). You may also try fly fishing but then you may have to sacrifice multiple fishing rods. Again, if you kayak is large enough and you consider yourself as veteran, you may use one regular angling rod deployed while trying with fly rod. Arrow fishing with kayak is also worth a try.

Master Casting & Kayaking Together
The most challenging part of kayak fishing, as noted earlier, is to cast the lure and paddle together. One good solution can be drift in down current. However, in this pick, your kayak may not be steady in straight line but cost you less effort. Thus, always try to avoid casting upwind. During against the current situation, try to use an anchor to cling on to the direction or row close to the bank.

Manage Hooked Fish
Versatility of kayak gives you flexibility, but again, makes you prone to the challenge of big fish. If you are up to great prizes, say like sharks and tarpons, it is strongly recommended to use heavier and bigger rods as well as thicker and more tension-resistant lines. Please also do invest on reels. Because once hooked, if the fish makes a sharp turn and your reel is not releasing lines smoothly, your kayak will likely be smothered by the tension!

Transportation and Deployment
The tackle set alone is a tough question to stay organized. When it incorporates kayaks, it turns as a matter of concern. Transport methods can vary. You can tow the kayak along with your vehicle or tie it on the roof or inside the back carrier. Your choice. But take special measure when you place you kayak on water. Be careful. You don’t want to let it be capsized on the very beginning.

Practice makes a man perfect. So goes for kayak fishing. Never question yourself about the skill level. Let it be the small rivulet beside your town, go kayaking and fishing. Practice over and over again will make you the specialist.

Never Ignore the Safety Measures
As being an amalgamation of adventure and thrills, there are certain issues to be heeded on by a kayaker-cum-fisher. Please stay cautious about inclement weather forecast, lightning threats, and sun strokes. Cautions must be considered while managing a large fish. It is equally recommended to stay alert of other species of your fishing ground like bear, alligator, crocodile and hippopotamus.

Be an Apprentice
In a hobby or passion, there should not be a term like ‘expert’. Yet, experience matters, so does in kayak fishing. Please try following an elder kayak fisher. Tips from seasoned personnel will certainly guide to the core charm of this adrenaline rush.