Maintenance Tips for your Trolling Motor

Fishing is not a simple task without having great equipment on the watercraft. Current innovation has given individuals electric trolling engine to make this task convenient. This gear is an acknowledged creation to any fishing boat. An electric trolling is only one of the best bits of hardware in sports fishing these days. It can be connected to a fisher's pontoon effortlessly and can be utilized for unique purposes, similar to the essential engine or a reinforcement engine in the boat.

They can likewise be utilized for trolling where lawful. In any case, maintenance is extremely important for utilizing it appropriately. These engines need consideration sometimes, to guarantee they are working perfectly. Overlook completing the day by day checks and the users will get themselves incidentally without a motor and hacking up money for repairs or another model. If you are ended to buy a new one, check this page to know things you have to consider before buying a new trolling motor.


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An electric trolling engine is truly an extraordinary mechanical assembly for any fishing boat. The nature of this engine is superior to others concerning fishing. Be that as it may, it is basic to keep them in legitimate condition. The absence of key maintenance can prompt harm and repair or substitution costs.

Here are some key tips:

  • Rinse your trolling motor with freshwater and evacuate any trash after each utilization. This is particularly valid for saltwater motors even with their upgraded defensive coatings.
  • Inspect and clean your propeller after each utilization. Weeds and angling line can wind up plainly inserted behind the prop possibly harming the seals and permitting water inside the engine.
  • Check the prop nut (and anode on saltwater engines) to make sure it's appropriately fixed. Additionally check prop edges for any scratches or scraped areas. Sand smooth with fine sandpaper if fundamental.
  • Periodically clean and grease up the composite shaft with a covering of a watery based silicone spray. This will encourage smooth organization and withdrawal. Also delicately coat any uncovered metal parts with same spray.
  • Disconnect control when the engine is being put away, transported or not being used for broadened timeframes. Utilize this chance to check battery terminals for any consumption or soil and clean with emery fabric or fine grain sandpaper.
  • Recharge your batteries as quickly as time permits after each utilization and stream charge amid any broadened sit without moving periods. The perfect state for a battery is completely charged.
  • After every day your engine is utilized, you should check behind the propeller for weeds, fishing line, or different trash that may have wrapped around.
  • All the pivot point ought to be greased up with a non-vaporized ointment.
  • Tightness of the battery lead connections must be checked every day.
  • The state of the primary battery links ought to be outwardly checked. Continuously verify whether there are free or burnt wiring connections.
  • Batteries must be energized after each utilization.
  • The wire should never be associated with the wrong battery terminal.
  • The electric detachable engine ought to be completely flushed with crisp water after each utilization in salt water. Abstain from getting the top cover wet, as this can harm the hardware inside.
  • During amazingly icy temperatures, when the electric engine is not being utilized, it ought to be put away in a place where it won't solidify.
  • When starting your motor or using your trolling motor listen precisely to how the motor and trolling engine sounds. On the off chance that the motor experiences considerable difficulties or the trolling motor doesn't appear to keep going as long as it used to that could be an indication that your batteries are debilitating.
  • Record your buy date and keep your battery receipts. This is vital if a battery falls flat. Most stores will master rate your next battery buy on the off chance that it falls inside the guarantee time frame or even better supplant the dead battery.
  • Charge the batteries completely after each trip. Batteries can get memory and eventually lose control on the off chance that they are utilized when they are not exactly completely charged. Utilizing halfway charged batteries may cause even new batteries to never get completely charged again.
  • On the off chance that you are using lead corrosive batteries dependably check the water level in the batteries. Use refined water, never use tap water, or sulfuric acid that can be acquired at nearby car stores. Continuously wear eye protection and elastic gloves when chipping away at batteries.
  • Breakers and circuits are essential for frill joined to the batteries. Breakers enable energy to be killed amid times of dormancy to enable batteries to remain completely charged and combines shield segments like hardware from being harmed should a voltage spike happen.

The users should also know some helpful trolling motor upkeep tricks. These won't just improve its solidness, but will make using the trolling motor simpler. Trolling motors for the most part don't require a considerable measure of maintenance, yet there are some great propensities to get into and things to beware of routinely to help the life expectancy and unwavering quality of your engine. Follow the above mentioned tips carefully and your trolling motor is sure to last longer than you would possibly imagine.