10 Tips for Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing, in easy sense, is a combination of both adventure and perseverance. Row the kayak in the vast of blue or in the wild torrent and expect a fish gets hooked – what else could go more daring? To curve energy out of outing in na…

Outstanding Clear Water!

Fishing INCREDIBLY Clear Water For BIG BASS Two guys are out in the amazing clear water for big bass. Enjoy the video!

How to outfit a kayak for fishing

A kayak is a type of watercraft that is utilized for fishing purposes. Yet, in nowadays fishing kayak is getting popular since it is more affordable than other mechanized water crafts. Its constructional feature is also straightforward tha…

Maintenance Tips for your Trolling Motor

Fishing is not a simple task without having great equipment on the watercraft. Current innovation has given individuals electric trolling engine to make this task convenient. This gear is an acknowledged creation to any fishing boat. An el…

My First Entry!

Here you go! Just I've created my first entry here, where I've planned to write fishing tips and resources. Stay tuned and subscribe my blog :-)